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Old Shemiran
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Shemiran (sometimes Shemiranat) is the name of the northern part of the city of Tehran, capital of Iran. It is the northernmost district of the city of Tehran.

Shemiran lies in the slopes of Alborz Mountain and enjoys a suitable mild climate. It has fine and well-kept parks and is home to the richest class of Iranian society. Most of the foreign embassies and the Tehran International Fair are situated in Shemiran.

Shemiran used to be the summer residence of the Qajar and Pahlavi Shah's who built several palace complexes and villas in the area. Some examples are the Sa'dabad Palace Complex and the Niavaran Palace Complex.

It is also where Imam Zadeh Saleh is, and where the former home of Imam Khomeini was located at.

Among the neighborhoods of Shemiran are: Darakeh, Darband, Niavaran, Elahiyeh, Zafaraniyeh, and Jamaran.

Shemiran used to be, and some degree still is, the greenest area in this the capital city of Iran.
Here I have prepared some pictures and aerial photos belong to old days of this place as well as old Tehran.
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1957 - A view from old Shemiran , Elahieh

A historical text about old Shemiran with English translation;

A Day in Rostamabad of Shemiran

by Mohammad-Ali Jamalzade's

There is also a place named Shemiran in U.S.A
click on the picture to see!

Near Live Oak Park, La Vern, Calfiornia, East of Los Angeles


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